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Last weekend I got a chance to see the boys in Signals Midwest from Cleveland, OH for the first time since 2010. If you haven’t checked them out yet - you should. Despite their show getting moved to a smelly basement, they played a great set…before the makeshift PA gave out. After about 3 songs, Max played the rest of the set acoustic. Listen to January & Seven on Latitudes and Longitudes on Spotify for a better idea of how great it was to hear this song belted out in a tiny space with no sound gear.

If these guys play your hometown any time soon, don’t miss it! They’re going to blow up any day now ;) Check them out here:

See more of my photos here:

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    They sound swell, especially in basements. So grateful to have met these guys. Good people!
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    Photos from our Buffalo show last week. Thanks Nicole!
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